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Francis Carson

From the Spokane Nation, Washington State.


This man is a living botanical encyclopedia. His wide knowledge of nature is a joy listening to and its fascinating to watch how easily he can walk around and pick a plant he knows exactly how to benefit from. His traditional teachings should be passed on so future generations also can enjoy a practical use of any plant right outside of their doorstep.


The song “Children of the sun” is made to honour and bring attention to Francis Carson of the Spokane Indian Nation. Spokane is the second largest city in Washington and the name, Spokane, means Children of the sun. Francis is of the most welcoming souls we have met, and as a former “whipman” (person who maintain order during ceremonial dance) and medicine man, he has earned huge respect in his community. Luckily for us, he has become a trusted friend. This song is about him and his homeland. 

Children Of The Sun

A dedication to Francis Carson from the Spokane Nation, Washington State.

Release date: 24th og January 2021



Recorded and mastered:

Svend Andréen at Klokkereint

Cover art:

Martine Kraft

Iwashere - Children of the sun cover 1.j


Martine Kraft

Arrangements and productions:

Sven Andréen og Nils Jørgen Nygaard Kraft

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