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Timothy Reed

From Myrtle Creek, Oregon

Timothy was borned in 1956 in the state of California, raised in the state of Alaska until 1975. He left for the lower 48, spending time in Florida. He settled in Oregon in 1981 married in 1982 and has two children. His fascination with the craft of jewelry making began in 1995 and his journey of developing  his talent, design and art work evolved into something unique.

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A dedication to Timothy Reed from Anchorage in Alaska.

Release date: 



Recorded and mastered:

Svend Andréen at Klokkereint

Cover design:

Alexander Rostad

Cover art:

Martine Kraft



Martine Kraft

Arrangements and productions:

Sven Andréen og Nils Jørgen Nygaard Kraft

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All Videos

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