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The music, dance and their message really got through to the audience during the performance. A fourteen year old that we interviewed after the concert said it was the best experience she ever had.

- Oppland Arbeiderblad (Norwegian Newspaper)

An absolutely magical concert.

No one left there untouched by the lovely atmosphere and these beautiful people.

- Unn Bjørke (Audience)

Iwashere`s concert gave us a credible meeting between cultures and at the same time it added something new. It was enlightening and beautiful.

- Tanja Caldecourt (Musikom)

About the debut album


"BRIDGING WORLDS - ONE SONG AT A TIME is a tribute to Native American culture, an ambient and mid tempo beat based sound built around the travels of composer Martine Kraft and her Hardanger fiddle. The Hardanger fiddle is the national instrument of Norway and you can hear the the different worlds melt together in each song. The musical landscape is both pleasant and exciting while it tells the story of strong individuals in the centre of contemporary Native American communities.  

This is the new project of Hardagerfiddle virtuoso Martine Kraft who has released 6 albums and toured both the US and Europe. She has been granted her own signature 10-string fiddle from The Norwegian Hardangerfiddle Fond because of her world wide work with Norways national instrument.

“Music took us to

Native American Countries.

Through music we will learn from one another, and with music we will pass it on, bridging worlds

one song at a time”. 


Hand Drums
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