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Paul Howard

From Richland, Washington State.

For about 20 years ago this man found Martines music online. The music touched him and he decided to write her telling what he felt about the music. The summer of 2013 Martine and her Band was going to hedline a festival in Eugene (WA), and he invited Martine and Nils Jørgen to come one week ahead to join him on the annual "Tamkaliks Celebration", a friendship celebration and a place of reunion for descendants of the original inhabitants of Waláwa, the Wallowa country. At this gathering participants enjoy three days of song and dance, culminating in a walasit service and a Friendship feast. Martine and Nils Jørgen met Paul for the very first time and had an unforgettable time at Tamkaliks. On this trip they also met Jay and Fred for the very first time.

Two decades later, Paul is a pressious extended family member and also much of the reason behind the Family Krafts collaboration with the Native American people. 

He is an artistic soul with an openness and a love for life and creativity.

...If a stranger touches your heart, dont ever underestimated to say could end up with a life long friendship...


Jay Coates

Living in Valley, Spokane, Washington State.

A cowboy to his inner bone and with a heart of light. This man has travelled up and down dusty roads further than the wildest horse, and is a horse man, a blacksmith and a hand crafter with an impressive and passionate artistic precision.

Thank you for all those early mornings and late nights around the fire, for all the new friendship you facilitate, for guarding the sweats, for endless hours of storytelling and for never giving up. You truly carry a rare gift of bringing the life of the histories further.
Jay is the creator behind the very first thought of "Bridging Worlds - one song at a time".


A dedication to Paul Howard and Jay Coates

Release date: 



Recorded and mastered:

Svend Andréen at Klokkereint

Cover design:

Alexander Rostad

Cover art:

Martine Kraft



Martine Kraft

Arrangements and productions:

Sven Andréen og Nils Jørgen Nygaard Kraft

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