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The music, dance and their message really got through to the audience during the performance. A fourteen year old that we interviewed after the concert said it was the best experience she ever had.

- Oppland Arbeiderblad (Norwegian Newspaper)

An absolutely magical concert.

No one left there untouched by the lovely atmosphere and these beautiful people.

- Unn Bjørke (Audience)

Iwashere`s concert gave us a credible meeting between cultures and at the same time it added something new. It was enlightening and beautiful.

- Tanja Caldecourt (Musikom)

About the debut album

"BRIDGING WORLDS - ONE SONG AT A TIME, VOLUME 1" is a tribute to Native American culture, an ambient and mid tempo beat based sound built around the travels of composer Martine Kraft and her Hardangerfiddle. The Hardanger fiddle is the national instrument of Norway and you can hear the the different worlds melt together in each song. The musical landscape is both pleasant and exciting while it tells the story of strong individuals in the centre of contemporary Native American communities.  

The album contains 10 song and 10 dedications to strong individuals connected to the Native American 

“Music took us to

Native American Countries.

Through music we will learn from one another, and with music we will pass it on, bridging worlds

one song at a time”. 


About the songs

Track 1

"Children Of The Sun"
A dedication to Francis Carson

The song “Children of the sun” is made to honor Francis Carson of the Spokane Indian Nation. Spokane is the second largest city in Washington and the name, Spokane, means Children of the sun. Francis is a very welcoming soul, and as a former “whipman” (person who maintain order during ceremonial dance) and medicine man, he has earned huge respect in his community. 

Track 2

"Writing The Trails Of The West"
A dedication to Rick Steber

"Writing the trails of the west" is the sound of the train of so called civilization entering the vast prairie landscape of America. The song is deeply inspired by the work and personality of contemporary western author Rick Steber, who was born and grew up in Klamath Indian Reservation. His books are a strong contribution to true and correct history regarding the European settlers early and contemporary interaction with native nations. The song carries a message and hope for how these cultures now can coexcist.

Track 3

"Freds Song"
A dedication to Fred Hill Sr.

"Freds Song" shows the lightness and the power of acoustic sounds in a tribal and ambient soundscape. The song is written to honor Fred Hill Sr. also known as Tawtaliks, who is a language educator, singer and teacher at the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. He is also a frequent master of ceremonies for powwows. Martine and Nils Jørgen startet a musical collaboration with him in 2014, and since then they have been on several wonderful stages together.

Track 4

A dedication to Marlene Locke

In 2007 Jay Coates brought one of Martines albums to a small gathering at Wounded Knee in the Pine Ridge Reservation, Lakota. After listening to a song, one of the elders, Marlene Locke sent an invitation for Martine to visit. They stayed in touch for several years connected through Jay and in 2014 she gave Martine a Timsala, a Native root plant. She said this plant would help the spirits communicate across the continents, and since then this plant has been present in the core of Martine and Nils Jørgens home. Time went by and the 30th of March 2018 Marlene passed over to the spirit world. The song "Marlene" came right after, and in September 2018 Martine and Nils Jørgen visited Marlenes family. Three of the seeds from the Timsala were brought back to her and placed on her memorial ground.

Track 5

"Thurmans Morning Song"

A dedication to Thurman Horse

"Thurmans Morning Song" is dedicated to Thurman Horse from the Oglala Sioux Tribe, a wonderful artist with a big smile and many moving stories. The song is inspired by him and his art, both filled with a strong will and a special light. Thank you Thurman for the time we spent back in 2018, look forward to see you again. 

Track 6

"White Raven"
A dedication to Loveda Elk

In 2014 Paul Howard introduced us to Loveda Elk, a spiritual teacher and guide, and also a multi media artist. We connected immediately, and before she left she said; "You have to meet my daughter!" Several years later we finally did, and her daughter was Acosia Red Elk! The song "White Raven" is dedicated to Loveda and carries a story of a wise, gentle and strong soul connected to the spirit worlds as much as the world of matter.     

Track 7

"Young Swan Rising"
A dedication to Acosia Red Elk

Young Swan Rising is an instant beautiful violin piece rapped in an exciting, beat based and ambient soundscape. The song is dedicated to the native american world champion jingle dancer Acosia Red Elk, and you can hear how the song resembles her grace and power with both edge and elegance. Acosia means “Young swan rising from the water” in the Yakama language. Iwashere and Acosia did a show together in Norway, October 2019. Acosia is from The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla, Cayuse & Walla Walla.

Track 8

A dedication to Paul Howard & Jay Coates

In many ways Paul and Jay are the original bridge builders 

Initiative Bridge Builders

Track 9

"The Buffaloes Of Ed Iron Cloud"
A dedication to Edward Iron Cloud

In 2018 we visited the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. They joined in ceremonies and did smaller concerts. After meeting the buffalo farmer Ed Iron Cloud, they shared meals and music, and Ed asked if Martine could make a song for the buffalos. "The Buffaloes of Ed Iron Cloud" is a dedication to the important work this family do at their homeland, both culturally and socially.

Track 10

"Wakpamni Lake"
A dedication to Sidney Has No Horses

While Martine and Nils Jørgen visited the Oglala Lakota land in 2018 they stayed in the home of the medicine man, Sidney Has No Horses. This man really was a rear inspiration and there were told so many exciting stories during this time. Some of the stories had deep connections to the lake, "Wakpamni Lake", close to his home. In this song you can almost feel the spirits watch you from around, see the roaring wind cleanse the air, and hear the singing and dancing of the old ceremonies that is still a deep core of the Oglala Lakota People.

Hand Drums
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