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Brigding Worlds

- one song at a time


Photo: Alexander Rostad

Ten years has gone since some great friends started to introduce us to different native nations, and probably "Bridging worlds - one song at a time" started already back then. Respect, thoughts, meals and music has been shared and strong friendships has evolved. Dreams and energies has materialised and transformed into sound.


In September of 2019 the jingle dress dancer and story teller from the Umatilla people of Oregon (US), Acosia Red Elk, visited us in Norway and together we had our very first live appearance. In November 2020 we released our first song "The Buffalos of Ed Iron Cloud" with a video featuring Acosia. We have now released three songs from our project called "Bridging Worlds - one song at a time". This journey has barely started, and we look forward to share it with you, step by step!


Photo: Alexander Rostad


played at "Maidagene 2023" in Gjøvik 8.mai 2023



A dedication to Tim Reed

Will be released

Skjermbilde 2022-11-21 kl. 11.35.15.png


A dedication to Marlene Locke

from the Oglala Sioux Nation, South Dakota.

Will be released


White Raven

A dedication to Loved Elk

from the Confederated Tribes of Umatilla Nation, Oregon.

Will be released


Wakpamni Lake

A dedication to Sidney Has No Horses

from the Oglala Sioux Nation, South Dakota.

Will be released

Skjermbilde 2022-10-27 kl. 20.09.07.png

A dedication to Fred Hill Sr.

from the Confederated Tribes of Umatilla Nation, Oregon.

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