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Marlene Locke

From the Oglala Sioux Tribe, South Dakota.

In 2007 our dear friend Jay Coates visited the homeland of Marlene and they had a meeting at the old house at the Wounded Knee memorial. Jay had brought one of Martines earliest album and as a gift he played the music. From that day Martine and her husbond Nils Jørgen had an open invitation to visit her homeland. For over ten years they kept the connection through Jay. In the summer 2014 Marlene gave them a root called Timsala. She asked them to bring this plant home to Norway so the spirits could work together. The root has had its own place in the centre of their home since then.
Marlene made her journey to the Spirit World the 30th of March 2018. Around the same time, her song Marlene materialised. About six months later Martine and Nils Jørgen was finally able to visited her homeland. Her song was played for her family and friends at Pine Ridge Reservation and three of the roots from the Timsala she gave them were placed on her burial ground.

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