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Edward Iron Cloud

From the Oglala Sioux Tribe, South Dakota.

In September 2018 we visited the homeland of the Lakota people. We met the buffalo farmer Ed Iron Cloud and his partner Lucille R. Contreras and had a little concert in their home. We went out on the field to see if we could find the buffaloes, and after a while we barely saw them in the far distance. We were asked if we could write a song for the buffaloes, and some months after returning back to Norway the song came.

"The Buffaloes of Ed Iron Cloud" is a dedication to the important work this family is doing on their homeland, both culturally and socially.

The Buffalos of Ed Iron Cloud

A dedication to Edward Iron Cloud from the Oglala Sioux Tribe, South Dakota.

Release date: ​2th of November 2020



Recorded, mixed and mastered:

Sven Andréen at Klokkereint

Cover design:

Alexander Rostad

Cover art:

Martine Kraft



Martine Kraft

Arrangements and productions:

Sven Andréen og Nils Jørgen Nygaard Kraft

Additional singing and drumming:

Níimiipuu Trail Drum, recorded at Tamkaliks Celebration in Wallowa in 2017

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Music Video feat. Acosia Red Elk

Music video by Alexander Rostad.

The video footage was recorded in Gjøvik/Norway from our concert in 2019 

with Acosia Red Elk, jingle dress dancer from the Umatilla people of Oregon/US.

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