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Thurman Horse

From the Oglala Sioux Tribe, Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

We met Thurman in 2018 when we were invited to the homeland of the people of the Lakota Nation and the Pine Ridge Reservation. Music, food, stories and thoughts were shared and new friendships were made. Thurmans is an amazing artist with a brilliant gift of making vivid imagery from his ancient cultural heritage, from a proud and important Indigenous Nation carrying ancient wisdom that must never be lost.


This trip made deep impressions in us, and many of the melodies of Iwashere are these impressions materialized into music.

The song "Thurmans Morning Song" came some months after our visit. It just appeared early one morning and it had his name written all over it. 

You can read more about Thurman and his work HERE (


Thurmans Morning Song

Live recording from the festival "Innpuls" by Musikk I Innlandet, October 2022 

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